What does MARS comprise of? 

o MARS is a complete product comprising of hardware and software. Software or hardware is not sold separately. 

• What else is needed to run MARS apart from what you provide? 

o A Computer with the fallowing minimum configuration is required 1. CPU Intel Core I 3 or I 5, 4 GB RAM, 1TBHDD, SMPS VIP- 500w 2. Power Extension Board 4 x 2nos 3. D-link Switch (8 port) with 2 patch cord. 4. UPS for Power Backup 5. LAPU/DEMO/EC SIMS 

• Does MARS maintain accounts and balances of all retailers? 

o Yes. 

• How many recharges can be done in a minute through MARS? 

o On an average 4 recharges can be done per minute per SIM 

• What happens when multiple recharges come at the same time? 

o Recharges will be queued in the system and recharged one after another 

• Do I have to link to an SMS gateway? 

o Request SMSs and response SMSs are sent through SIMs. It is not necessary to link to an SMS gateway. However for outgoing SMS provision exists to send through any SMS gateway that supports a HTTP API. 

• Do I need Internet? 

o Internet is not needed to run the system. For Installation and support Internet would be needed 

• Should requests for different operators be sent to different numbers? 

o No. Retailers will be provided with one number to which they will send recharge requests for all operators 

• How many incoming numbers can be provisioned in MARS to receive incoming request? 

o One SIM or all the SIMs can be provisioned to receive requests. 

• How many outgoing numbers can be provisioned in MARS to send response SMS messages? 

o One SIM or all the SIMs can be provisioned to send responses 

• Can SIMs used for incoming/outgoing SMS be used for recharges? 

o Yes 

• Can the retailers recharge through GPRS? 

o Yes 

• Can retailers recharge through Web and see reports through Web? 

o Yes. We Provide Optional Online module with readymade website with following facility. +Recharge, Payment transfer request can be sent from Website +Customers can use same balance for SMS and WEB operations +Recharge report, Payment report, A/C statement etc can be accessed from Website 

• I am already doing online recharge. Can I integrate MARS with my system? 

o MARS accepts requests and sends response to a domain name / IP address in specified HTTP format. Web based systems supporting online recharge can send request to MARS through this format 

• Can we buy recharge balances from you? 

o No. We only provide the equipment. Recharges balances have to be bought from local distributors of respective operators